REVIEW: Truthwitch

Author Susan Dennard has become something of a well-known name when it comes to a source of writing advice. I’ve been following her newsletter for a few months now and appreciating every piece of it. However, I had never read one of her books before and felt it rude not to, so I went to my library and picked up the first books in her Witchlands series.

Let me tell you something, I was not disappointed.

Truthwitch follows four main characters – Safiya, Iseult, Merik, and Aeudan – as they each fit into their own places in a world on the verge of war for the first time in twenty years. Each with their own witchery, they are all suffering a lack of freedom whether it be from being constantly on the run, being unable to help their suffering people, or simply moving violently throughout the world without a true purpose. As Safiya and Iseult flee those who pursue them for their heists as well as for Safiya’s rare truth magic, they are thrust into Prince Merik’s life and therefore all three of them become the targets of the Bloodwitch, Aeudan who tracks them with the ferocity of a hungry lion.

The world building for this first book is unimaginably vivid with a depth that I am in awe of given that what we are told of the way things worth is simply through the thoughts or words of characters rather than unending pages of backstory that tends to plague many fantasy books. The characters are so human and I haven’t fallen in love with a group of fictional people this fast or felt so immersed in a world since Harry Potter. And I honestly mean that.

I can’t wait to start Windwitch and honestly can’t wait to buy copies of my own. This is a series to support

One thought on “REVIEW: Truthwitch

  1. femaleinferno

    I have to make time to start this series… the first two books are sitting on my shelf staring at me with judgement…or maybe I’m just imagining it all to justify my bookstore overspending. Thanks for sharing a great review – it’s giving me the kick in the pants to get out of a small reading slump. 😀

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