REVIEW: The Song Rising

With January comes the final instalment of #countdowntopriory on Instagram, and damn was I excited to get into The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon!

After the ridiculous cliffhanger at the end of The Mime Order, I was thrilled that the third book of the series picked up right where things left off. Paige is now the Underqueen and doing her absolute best to keep things in order with the syndicate as well as the Ranthen, but sadly her best isn’t quite enough.

What go to me the most is that everyone seems to forget that Paige is only 19-years-old and forget the pressure she is under. Not to mention that they’re all lucky she’s not dealing with any violent symptoms of post-concussion syndrome or chronic traumatic encephalopathy (aka. fancy words for the brain related injuries that have led many sports player to murder). Seriously, this poor girl either has a skull made of iron or head injuries don’t super matter in 2049. Regardless, I really feel for her character here.

The pacing felt a touch jarring in this one, but I appreciated that many chapters had real dates on them, making it easier to track the passage of time. I also really enjoyed seeing more of Maria and the other syndicate members that care about Paige and her fight against Scion. I would have liked more Warden, and do strongly believe that poor Eliza deserved more page time, but I’m sure we’ll get what we want with the next books to come. I mean, there were so many people we didn’t get to read about in this one that can only mean that their time hasn’t come just yet.

While The Mime Order is still probably my favourite so far in the series, I really enjoyed this and am happy that I stuck with the series.

It’s not too late to join in on #countdowntopriory! Check it out on Instagram via the event’s host, Sam!

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