REVIEW: Six Degrees of Assassination

Six Degrees of Assassination is an Audible Original drama series, written by M.J. Arlidge and staring incredible names like Andrew Scott and Freema Agyeman. It is a ten-part, fast paced political thriller where everyone is connected and no one is safe from the fallout.

And I loved it.

To give a synopsis, the Prime Minister of England has been shot at a public appearance and now MI5, MI6, and the House of Commons are all working together to figure out who has committed this terrible crime while also fighting to keep parliament afloat. Everyone is an enemy and personal lives are getting pulled into the cross fire. Who shot John Campbell? And why?

All in, this series is around 5-hours long and I honestly marathoned it over the last two days. Any moment I could listen, I did. (Even if I’m supposed to be keeping up with other thing right now…oops…) The entire cast is amazing and the characters they play are very easy to fall in love with. Andrew Scott is a true chameleon of an actor and his portrayal of Alex in voice alone was show stopping.

I know this is probably a one-off series that Audible has done, but I would happily pay for more with Alex Cartwright in the future. A very, very excited five out of five for this one. I implore anyone with an Audible membership go download this.

Six Degrees of Assassination is a free series available only to Audible members. This post is in no way sponsored by Audible.

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