REVIEW CATCH UP: Beastars #1

Thank you to Viz Media and NetGalley for the ARC of this manga.

The first manga review I have to catch up with is the first volume of BEASTARS by Itagaki Paru. I had heard about the anime when I was approved for the digital ARC, but other than the fact that all the characters were animals, I had little knowledge of it.

The story revolves around a school for animals where students are sorted based on their species as well as their status in the world as predator or prey. Someone on campus has been attacked prey animals and everyone has their eyes on Legoshi, an awkward wolf who has a habit of weirding the other students out through his introverted demeanour as much as his huge stature. On top of the mystery, there is something of a challenge among the students over who will be the Beastar – the one who will rise above the predator and prey hierarchy to unite the world as much as run it.

I enjoyed the story of this first volume. It’s intriguing as much as it is cute and the deep part of my soul that loves the creativity that goes into furry art fell in love with all of the characters. That being said, I feel like it’ll take me a minute to warm up to the artwork as it does feel a little rough around the edges.

This is definitely a fun series and I hope to have time in future to read more.

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