MANGA BINGE REVIEW: One Piece [ part two ]

I kicked off 2021 the right way by immediately reading through volumes 11 through 20 on One Piece because oh boy do things get emotional.

The majority of this ten volume stretch is finishing up the plot with Nami, seeing her officially joining up with Luffy, Zolo (Zoro? What are we officially calling him? Translations are weird sometimes), Ussop and Sanji. This arc had me on edge the entire time with how insane the fights were and Luffy getting himself into so much trouble, it was stressful! You know it’s good writing when the story has you thinking the main character might die and there are still over 900 chapters to go.

But of course, we move on with everyone in top form (well… mostly…) and head for the Grand Line at last! Map in hand, Luffy and the crew are excited to make their fortunes and fulfill their dreams. We get to spend a volume or two here and there on mini-adventures that feed into the next arc with the Baroque Works as our latest big-bads. The smaller adventures are fun and lighthearted for the most part, while still being equally as full of kindness as the rest of the chapters.

And then we get to the next big character.


All I knew about Chopper was that he was a reindeer of sorts and was sometimes cute and sometimes weirdly buff. I was also under the impression that he was meant to be more comedic relief in the series, so when his backstory comes about, I was honestly in tears. This little reindeer who happened to eat a Devil Fruit has been hunted and bullied his whole life as a freak of nature but when he was shown kindness by a doctor on his island, Chopper learned that all he wants to do is help take care of people. He just wants to do his best to make sure everyone is okay and it was such a touching few chapters, I’m getting teary just thinking about that little goofball, battered and bloody, holding a mushroom he thought would help his friend. So when he joins the Merry Go crew, I was so excited.

The last few volumes I got through are the beginning of the end of this arc with the Baroque Works as they try to conquer a desert island suffering from lack of water. With Princess Vivi devastated, she and the Merry Go crew are doing their damnedest to help the island and restore it to it’s original glory. We finish with Ussop and Chopper kicking major bad-guy ass but next up it’s Sanji’s turn to tear it up and I can’t wait to continue on with this series. It’s gonna be a hell of a good time!

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