On To Something New

Hi everyone,

I started this blog several years ago to share my book reviews and blog posts about books and reading and any other things that popped in my head. I always enjoyed sharing my thoughts and reading the comments people left on those posts. Being able to discuss books was something that made me happy for a long time but in recent months it’s been far less fun and far more work than I’m capable of keeping up with.

So I’ve decided to make a change and will no longer be sharing book reviews or blog posts here. Instead, I will be focusing my attention on writing my webnovels and original fiction for Patreon and reviews will only be shared on Goodreads and my Instagram. I think this will make things more manageable for me and will bring back some more fun to just being able to read.

If you care to still follow my work and my thoughts, I’ve provided links to everything via my Carrd page: http://lucienwelsh.carrd.co.

Thank you again to everyone who has followed me here over the years, and here’s to new beginnings.

— Lucien Welsh.

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