REVIEW: Slayer

As many of my friends know, my hero is Buffy Summers. I wrote essay after essay on why she was so important to me. I had several seasons of both Buffy and Angel memorized. I drafted letters to the creators and show runners. I avidly read the comics every month. She is and always will be my number one idol.

So to say I went into this book with the bar high is to put it mildly.

Slayer follows Athena (aka. Nina) as she is constantly brushed aside by the rest of the remaining Watchers, her mother included. After Buffy threatens the world again, Nina ends up as the world’s newest, and final, Slayer. As if things couldn’t get any worse for a girl who’s whole life has been ruined by Buffy Summers time and time again.

I won’t lie, this book started off a little rocky, and I was concerned I wasn’t going to get into it since I had a hard time connecting to Nina in the beginning, but the second the ball really gets rolling, I was hooked. Nina’s struggles to come to terms with being the Slayer were really interesting to me because I’d never really seen anti-Slayer attitudes from anyone but bad guys in the show. The rational of the Watchers was really interesting and what I loved the most was that Kiersten White tied it in to the movie!!! I know next to no people who have seen the terrible Buffy movie but I love it and was so happy that it’s properly tied into the canon along with the connections made to the comic books.

For all y’all new fans, knowledge of the show is recommended, but not necessary. Same goes for those who haven’t read the comics. It’s a great way to dive into this 90s classic and I hope it inspires people to go back and watch the show regardless of whether they’ve seen it already or not.

I’m so happy that this turned out well and can’t wait for book two in the series.