REVIEW: The Gentleman’s Guide To Getting Lucky

Last summer when Mackenzi Lee’s book The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue came out, I jumped on it instantly. It was just the fun, queer story I was looking for at the time, so when she announced that there was going to be a sequel, it went on my list of books to pre-order on my birthday. Thanks to my eagerness, I was able to submit my receipt early and then recently received my copy of the novella The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky.

It may be only 53 pages long, but believe me when I say that’s more than enough time for Monty to get himself into a whole bucket of trouble.

It’s been a month since the end of Vice and Virtue, and Monty is helplessly sober and shamefully virtuous. He knows that Percy is a virgin and doesn’t want to push him into anything, but – being Monty – ends up recruiting his sister to help make a plan so the two young men have the house to themselves.

Seeing as how the novella isn’t widely available at the moment and not everyone may have it, I won’t say much more than this about the story. However, I will say that I was laughing for the entire 53 pages and cringing with the second hand embarrassment. Monty and Percy are the dumbest, most wonderful characters and this novella was such a fun story to lift my spirits once again.